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Your research partners

Providing practical high-quality applied research and outcomes.

We are a research and epidemiology business whose purpose is to improve the well-being and productivity of our study species, our partners, and our people.

Our wide service offering reflects our varied combined team experience, and we work with our clients on a range of different projects. 

We actively listen and then implement high-quality and pragmatic consultancy, research, statistical analysis, and training solutions for our customers – both here in New Zealand and abroad.

Our veterinary backgrounds and close ties with New Zealand farming communities ensure we always have an ear to the ground of what’s topical and important to New Zealand agriculture, and we pride ourselves on our ability to output practical and effective outputs for our client partners. 

Our Services

EpiVets carries the IANZ mark of competence for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). This globally-recognised accreditation provides quality assurance for the planning, performing, monitoring, recording, archiving, and reporting of all EpiVets studies. 

Epidemiology Consultancy

Working closely with our clients, we assess patterns in populations to improve the health and well-being of the study species and the people working with them.

Research Services

Assistance is offered for all stages of clinical research studies. From funding applications through to reporting. This approach ensures that all studies are conducted efficiently and to the highest standards. 

Education and Training

We provide skilled extension services to ensure that research and information reaches its target audience effectively and has a better chance of industry adoption.

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Why choose EpiVets?

EpiVet Customer Testimonials

I want to deal with people I know are going to do a good job. EpiVets outcomes match their promises.

- Professor Richard Laven

Professor of Production Animal Health & Welfare

Massey University

Meet the Team

EpiVets is a close-knit team of research experts with diverse skills and interests. Our four epidemiologists Emma, Winston, Greg and Matthew, senior scientist (Laura) and three technicians, Sarah (Sas), Stacey and Anna all have extensive experience in planning, conducting, and reporting studies, and are eager to assist with all domains of research. 

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Partners & Affiliations

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